Thursday, July 18, 2013

make my scrapbook

I have a lot of scrapbooks but this is an easy one to create.
You don't!
I went to Kinkos and told them what I needed bound. My plan was to use full sized printer sheets.
I chose nice card-stock from the store..... 12 pieces.
Back cover,  nice brown leathery looking card....   one piece
For the front, clear plastic medium weight.... one
Then I chose a ring binding that looked nice, it is black and plastic coated, there was a choice.
Because I bought the card-stock there the price to bind it was very little, I think about 4.00. It has been a while and copy shops probably charge different prices.
I made 2 books. They are really nice and sturdy.


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Createology said...

This making of your own journals in the size and style to fit your needs is brilliant Miss Lilla. I believe Paris is calling you...

L'El├ęgante said...

Hello, you know that the words on your photo "Maison d'arret" mean "jail"?
Maybe it has a particular meaning for you?
Best regards.

Lilla Le Vine said...

Hi everyone, hoped you would not
notice, I love the building on my header. Jail? No, it has no personal meaning to me. Never been near one except here.

Rhonda said...

Lovely, Lilla. Paris is calling you, that is true.

Claudine said...

C'est beau !