Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Provence

I have finished my sketch art, journal called simply Provence

Here are some pages.
I did some drawings here and others when in France.
They are mostly pen and ink.
I colored them with an assortment of oil pastels, watercolor, pencils and pastels.


Lottie said...

The door is so realistic - I so want to open it and go through


Rhonda said...

Your talent to put what your eyes have seen in fabric, is amazing.
Love this.

Olivia Hernandez said...

Oh Lilla I love this too, so beautiful!! Olivia

Createology said...

I am sad to say Miss Lilla that your book is reminding me I would be in those exact locations right now if my husband had not had such a serious accident and we had to cancel our trip. Your art and lace pages are delightful dear...

Claudine said...

Even without the title no French only be deceived. And I'd like to see what would a French in one of your beautiful state!
J'aime bien tout ce que vous faîtes. Très bonne journée.