Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I love Haberdashery

I used to haunt the dry goods and haberdashery shops when they were still about.
I have quite a lot of the old fashioned items in my studio that I wonder and look at from time to time.
I used to enjoy the buttons and old spools and of course trims and laces.
The old needle-cases were great and often I came a across a UFO?
 Have a few still, ......see the tin in this picture.
Now such items are in antique shops if you are lucky to find some in a jar like my daughter did not too long ago.
Here is one she found for me, in the tin, I 
created the dress-form


linda smith said...

thats really neat

Createology said...

Very sweet dress form Miss Lilla. Your daughter must be very special to think of you and get you such special treasures.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

You've given that old tin new life Lilla - it's lovely.
I especially like how you've left the bobbins etc in the tin.
A lovely gift for a dressmaker.
Hope you're having a good week!
Shane xox

morkaren said...

Hvor er det dejligt at du (som jeg) elsker de gamle "syting" den æske med spoler og trykføder er vidunderlig, man får måske aldrig brug for det, men det er så rart at have og kikke på. knus morkaren.

Lelia said...

We must be twins. I enjoy haberdashery, too - tho, don't usually buy. [no room in this little place]. We shouldn't even talk about button jars .....

Fanciful Ponderings said...

Very creative. I like that!

Lottie said...

Oh my - this creations looks as though it comes straight from a Victorian Haberdashery Shop in the back streets of London - or even Dickensian. Your nostalgic pieces never cease to move and amaze me