Saturday, February 15, 2014

a great journal

I love the countryside of France and so have made this journal reflecting that.
It is filled with stained pages, pockets, tabs and tags.

I work outdoors for hours and teach too.
 If you are asking, I work in small snatches of time, little bit in morning and maybe at night.
I have been doing this so long I am quick and have everything handy where I need it.
I get  asked a lot.
 Please no more comments on how do I do it all.
But I love positive thoughts like all of you.
For that I truly thank you.


Sue Marrazzo said...

This looks like lovely!

Createology said...

I am hoping to see the French countryside one of these days. Your journal is lovely Miss Lilla.

Lottie me said...

Fabulous journal Lilla. When folks say 'How do you do it all!' in a comment, which I see a lot as I visits literally dozens of blogs every day. They mean it as a compliment and a kindness, a statement - as if they were saying it in real life - rather than an actual 'question' on how you make something or have the time to make something. Sometimes the written word, meant with love and admiration can be misinterpreted by the reader.

You are very much admired

Marianne Wijnker said...

Your blog is lovely Miss Lilla!

Linda said...

Visiting here from a link on SuziQu's blog post today. I am so glad I came. I positively ADORE the French countryside and all things French. I am lucky to have everyone on my mother's side living there and have gone and spent as much time as I could. Your creations are gorgeous-love all the colors and fabrics! I too have some toile in our bedroom :)I am now your newest follower!