Monday, February 24, 2014

Painting to give away

with mat
 the picture I will mail to winner, without the mat
I love color and love to work with it. Especially if I need 'fixing'
So been doing a lot  lately, must say I have my own free style that is probably not the best
 if I was being judged.
This then is from my studio today.  So here it is a give away.
 You know I love France and Provence.
  about 7 x 8" on muslin.
Tell me what you like about art and Provence, and leave a comment.
 I will mail anywhere in world
You have until March 10th aloha Lilla


Teresa Young said...

I just visited Provence last September for the first time. I loved the color blue you saw everywhere, the shutters, the doors, the water, the sky, it left that Provence blue in my mind. And every time I see blue I think of Provence. They are wonderful memories. And when I saw you sweet little painting, I thought of the architecture and the skinny tall evergreens. What wonderful memories. I would be honored to win your beautiful work of art.

Sue Marrazzo said...

This is so sweet!

Gill said...

I've never visited France - maybe one day! until then I'll just gaze at your beautiful work!

Createology said...

Miss Lilla your art is timeless. Your love of France and Provence is bliss. I will be going there hopefully. We were to leave five days after my husband had his trauma accident that cancelled our trip last year. You are such a generous lady.

Rhonda said...

I have to get to Provence first! That was my dream but my traveling friend would only consider Paris. I see another trip real soon, don't you?

I dream of Provence, it's blue skies, it's warm breeze, it's rolling hills.

Your artwork is so perfect, the sweet home, drying laundry and cypress tree!

Shirley said...

Love this painting of Provence region; it brings back happy memories of my summer in France and my desire to go back. Until then I'll gaze at your painting.......

Cape Cod Washashore said...

This is most definitely not a "reject", Lilla! It's BEAUTIFUL! I love the colors, and your style of illustrating! Have a happy weekend! :)

Lottie me said...

Your water colour paintings have a wonderful Monet - look about them.

Have you ever been able to visit his garden. I did once and it is just a mirror image of his paintings - it's amazing.

When I think of Provence - I think of the colour and scent of the beautiful lavender bushes that thrive there.

Thanks for taking me back' to France on a cold, wet, miserable day in UK