Sunday, March 9, 2014

Keep calm and carry on

Here is a little craft for a  gift
3 x 6" when folded
No sewing needed,  yeah!
Find two scraps of fabric and using a credit card, scrape Elmers glue over the inside of the cardboard shape
Place down on inside fabric, smooth, and I often iron to secure.
Flip over and do same with feature fabric. Pinking sheers look nice to finish edges
Punch hole at top and one either side of flap
Thread twine through holes
Top hole has a brad for decoration
Glue flaps inside and fold bottom up
Press under books or iron as I do.
Decorate top with label. I glued on a sticky note I had.
Finally make fake stitching with black pen,  around top
Use to send gift card or photos or keep notes or whatever.
Have fun and stay calm!


folded and holes punched

first side
second side


Createology said...

Your fabric holder is a gift in itself with a bonus gift card inside Miss Lilla. Thank you very much for sharing your how to and pattern. Creative Bliss Dear...

Lottie me said...

So cute