Friday, June 20, 2014

Playing with paper collage

I made the postcard art with the backs of cards that I enlarged a bit.
Lots of texture and paint added, easy to do when you want to be free and loose.
No thought went into them, just a bit of time and color

To make them, I collaged papers onto the blank then added a bit of lace.
Next  I dabbed on gesso and texture medium
Paint went on next.
I printed some words and added them, surrounded the images with a paint design.
The stamps in the corners are from a set I got in New Zealand
I brushed on sepia ink and added more around the edges.
Finally when dry I coated with liquid varnish


Wendy said...

Great post cards Lilla...I like making cloth ones...

Lottie me said...

Such beautiful vintage looking cards - I bet they look stunning in 'real' life. I can just picture all those textures!

You know, I throw out all our Christmas and birthday cards - but from now on I will save the plain 'backs' for postcards. !!