Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This is where I live

See the mountains in the background
I live in the foothills right there
will close and draw a winner of my give- away this weekend


Olivia Hernandez said...

Wow gorgeous!!!!

Lottie me said...

Wow - fancy waking up to that view every day. It must feel like being on a permanent holiday

How did you end up in Hawaii? How long have you lived there.

I don't ask to be nosey - I am just curious and fascinated so don't feel you have to respond if you don't want too. xxx

suziqu's thread works said...

In the foothills is a perfect place to be - a little out of the hustle and busses and yet close enough if you need to access the city!

Createology said...

Hello Miss Lilla. I have been gone so much of this summer and am now trying to catch up with all of your beautiful and amazing projects you create. I won't comment on each one yet hope you know I love them all. Creative Bliss Dear...Your home foothills are lovely.

milena60 said...

Великолепный вид..а я сейчас без дома...он остался там в Донбассе...там идёт война с Россией..