Sunday, October 19, 2014

Old fashioned bag in half an hour

Yes really, of course you have to have gathered the supplies and have them organized
My purse is a method I use a lot because the lining is very easy to install and works well for bags with flaps.

I used an old crochet piece cut in half for the flap. 
This decided the bag size so I cut an outer fabric and lining  fabric  the width of the crochet plus extra for seams
the fabric when folded at the bottom was the size of the body of the bag I wanted
My fabric measured 10 inches wide and 19 inches long that included seams.
Fold fabrics and check look. Fold is at lower end so it now is 10 wide x 9.5 inches

Place fabrics flat right sides together
Insert crochet with raw edges even, it will be between lining and outer fabric
 Check the placement of the crochet flap, it should be facing correctly against the right side
Sew both short ends, right sides facing.

Pull the bag into shape by placing lining together and outside together
Make two 5 " tabs, and pin into side seams between right sides of fabric

Sew each side of bag leaving open on part of lining to turn bag.
Turn and push lining down inside bag, sew opening closed in lining

Create bag strap with 4 inch wide fabric 34 inches long, Fold edges to mid-line and fold in half, stitch down strap 4 times
Sew to bag top, keep stitching along edge all around opening this keeps crochet in place on front

Finish bag with more decorations on the lace, I added a lace neckline motif and an old hat flower with some velvet ribbon
To add to one tab I constructed a layered tag and pinned it in place with some more velvet ribbon

Make some in 30 mins and have fun


Des guirlandes said...

Ha, I found it!!

Lottie me said...

Wow this is fabulous. With winter approaching here it will be a great project to do

Thank you so much for sharing

Wendy said...

A great little project for those times when you are in such a hurry...

Createology said...

Miss Lilla this is another lovely bag made of lace you have created and thank you for sharing your technique.

Marlynne said...

I want to study this and try it soon. It is just precious!

Wilma said...

Hello Lilla,

Thank you so much for your tutorial.
I love this beautiful bag.
Have been admiring your work for a long time !! and made a board about it on my Pinterest site.
Your art is so very inspiring !

Blessings to you,


SuZ Stuff said...

lovely lovely sweet little bag ! Have a wonderful holiday season Lilla.........

Sandra said...

Wonderful project, thanks for posting