Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Luck of the Draw

The winners of two bundles of old book pages and labels
are Rhonda, only one Rhonda
and Jeanne only one I believe
please email me with address 
I used     '   ' to generate numbers since my battered old cap has gone away.
Picture is a street market in Paris where I found books

bought books here in Paris

I do need a mailing address from both winners


Rhonda said...

ME?? WOO HOO, I am jumping up and down. Are there more than 1 Rhondas????

Jeanne said...

Just woke up and read my email--what a way to start the day. Thank you Lilla! I will look for your email address.

Gill said...

Congratulations to Rhonda and Jeanne !!

Lottie me said...

Well done ladies, do let us know what you create with them