Wednesday, June 10, 2015

a bit of Hawaii,

Little hand screened bag with 2 bangles made in the Island sun

If you think they would be nice for your
beach look, leave me a message and some way to contact you easily!


Createology said...

Such Fun in the Sun Miss Lilla. These bracelets and bag are lovely!

Lottie me said...

Oh wow, these are gorgeous. I have to wear gloves all summer as l suffer from skin cancer! These would be a lovely distraction from the gloves which I have to wear, (I get very odd looks!)

Lesley UK said...

These are stunning. What a magnificent giveaway. Blessings

Shirley said...

Lovely & charming conversation pieces...very unique bracelets and so generous of you to part with them.

Lilla Le Vine said...

I am not doing this give away at present.
there is not enough response.
So sorry , hope you will keep watching for more later
aloha Lilla