Monday, June 1, 2015

Silk road projects

I really love the look of ethnic crafts and jewelry
along with French inspired too.
Hmmm. how can they mix?
I go from one phase to another and put each in a compartment.
other loves are stitchery and embroidery
painting and anything else I can dream up.
Gemini and Cancer I am, maybe that explains it.
so here are
found object necklace

Key tag
amulet pouch
tribal neck-piece
some latest trifles....

The found object necklace was 'found' in NZ about 20 years ago.
The tribal neck-piece is from a collection I bought in Turkey about 40 years ago, it is from Nomads along the silk road and is antique .
I will show some of the collection from time to time.


suziqu's thread works said...

Oh my goodness Lilla what amazing jewellery finds - Love both necklaces so much!
You are going to enjoy using these pieces. Lovely to see my fabrics still being used!
Your creations are to inspire and that they certainly do!

Createology said...

Mixing Ethnic Crafts and French anything in your creative and capable hands Miss Lilla is enchanting. Very lovely...each and every one.

Lilla Le Vine said...

Suzy, I think you are great for seeing some of the fabric you sent me.
I think it is all gone now, I have treasured every scrap
aloha Lilla

Rhonda said...

Your travels have provided such memories and art supplies. Truly, you should write a book Lilla.

Lottie me said...

My goodness, lost for words!