Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer bunting, Parisienne

I make buntings to decorate my Lanai
However a grand-daughter made off with mine recently
So back to paint and sewing I went.
made three so I have one to keep ...maybe
To make this bunting I used some whimsical fabric with a lot of French images, cut them up
appliqued to muslin 'Flags'
Then off to paint in backgrounds and details
There are 10 flags on 3 yards of twill
fabric from Walmart



Createology said...

Miss Lilla I love how you have used fabrics and your wonderful painting skills to make such a beautiful Summer bunting. June JOY...

Lottie me said...

I so wish that we had a Walmart here. Your bunting is always fabulous, no wonder that it is coveted so much

A Magical Whimsy said...

Your bunting is so sweet! No wonder she ran off with your other bunting!