Saturday, July 11, 2015

Painted project

I like to paint fabric and make things
I live in the Islands so right now my thoughts are on the sea and the beach
I make the ever popular mermaids into dolls that can hang and swing
in a breeze.
I am a mermaid too, it is the name of our synchro. swimming group
To dye bits of fabric and lace to decorate the dolls
put about a teaspoon of paint in a cup of water
immerse the bit of fabric and let dry in the sun.
Great for small pieces and frays


1 comment:

victoria vollam said...

Hi Lilla, love you beach pictures and the little mermaids. Your beach looks very different to ours, I have posted a picture on my blog - it is wild and forever changing due to the strong tides and currents. Love your work, have been following you for some time now. Regards Vicky xxx