Sunday, November 22, 2015

Holiday bags, a project

If you create these bags with rich silks and velvet, in Holiday colors
Though simple, they look like small gems.
I like to use them for gift bags and put necklaces or fragrance inside.
hanging on the tree they are ornaments with a usefulness

Easy to make need
fabric to measure 13  x 7 inches
Piece together with 2 colors as pictured, red and bronze silk are what I used.
Sew together in a strip and decorate one panel with a fancy  trim

cut 2 circles of fabric for the bottom, 4 inches in diameter
Sew sides and a hem at top, sew around the circles too

sew the circle to the bottom, does not have to be perfect
Turn to right side and cut 5 pieces of velvet ribbon,   2. 5 inches each
Fold in half and slip over the top hem, space evenly, fold is even with top of bag, 
half on inside and half out
Stitch all around over velvet ribbon  about a centimeter from top for casing
Take a yard of narrow cord and thread through the ribbon casing,
bottom of ribbon should hang free for decoration
Tie 2 rusty bells onto the ends of the cord,  and pull up , tie in a bow.

that's all, they are easy and so pretty
try them and let me have comments


suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Lilla
How are you going? I see you are always creating small (and larger) works of art to share for all here and this little dilly bag is such a sweet project which is so kind of you to share with everyone.
Hope you are enjoying this Festive Season creating for Christmas too!
Many hugs,

Lilla Le Vine said...

thanks for visiting Suzy
I am slowly getting ready for Xmas.
Dilly bags? sounds good to me