Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wine bag project

Here is an idea for a wine gift for Mum
or for your Doctor or a friend
Easy but elegant.
make it from rustic grain sack fabric or similar

You need a yard of rough twine for the tie
a piece of twill tape 14 inches wide
grain sack fabric 14 x 13 inches
Wine bottle

Measure if yours is different, but this is a pretty much standard
Prepare fabric by ironing on a French Logo , right in the center.
Seam is center back when done
Fold in sides, not the bottom, and iron to wrong side
Sew around 3 sides first close to cut edge
Stitch on the trim
Right sides facing sew the center back seam.
Leave a small opening at the top
stitch close to the folded edges to make a nice finish sort of French seam style
Close the base by sewing twice, make sure seam is centered

bottle of wine in a grain sack

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Lilla Le Vine said...

don't forget give away at bottom