Friday, October 7, 2016

a project for Fall

I made this cool Fall banner in half an hour
Here are some basic instructions, so try one for Thanksgiving
You need brown sacks from the grocery store
Orange spray paint,
Image to glue on,     I used 6
Twine and stapler and Elmers glue

Wet the flat bags and crumple up.
Hang to dry, this gives  a sort of leathery look
spray with orange paint, just lightly so paper is still visible

Cut 6 pennant shapes, mine about 8 x 10 inches
Fold top over  1-2 inches
Place image in center of shape and glue
You can use my images which came from a paper napkin
or download free graphics.

add some glitter, and anything else to decorate.
Oh yes I added some black and orange seam binding on each end, loopy bow
place twine under the folded top of the pennants and staple in place
Thats it, hope you like the idea
Photo taken at a daughters pretty home


Createology said...

Fun, festive, and very doable Miss Lilla.

Shirley said...

Thanks for the project; I also love the thriftiness of it. I'm starting my own banner right now. Hugs!

Imsel- Kreativ said...

Oh, what a wonderful idea!
Thanks for the inspiration.luv it!
greetings from austria,
ya ingrid