Sunday, July 30, 2017

I made another of my attic bags

My attic tote used all sorts of vintage trims and fabric
I worked on it about a week, perhaps most of that time was finding the right materials to achieve the tattered look
There is a secret under each layer that only the buyer will see
It is 50.00 if you would like it.


Linda Walker said...

oh! So lovely and lacey! What a treasure!

suziqu's thread works said...

What a darling attic bag! I love love all the beautiful cascading layers Lilla.
I certainly know why these bags take the time they do and you have achieved a very gorgeous result for your hours of work!
Hope you are going well!
I haven't been able visit blogs for a while now due to some family illness but all is finally coming good.
I do hope you have loved creating with all the fabrics etc. from me.
Sending hugs to you,
Suzy xx

Eugenia Maru said...

Muy lindo bolso. Me encanta lo Shabby Chic.

Lilla Le Vine said...

hello Suzy,

I am a bit one handed at present so stitchery has been on hold, carpal tunnel, both hands
Hope your family are much improved, that must have been worrisome

Yes fabric was used up, not much for the book though, colors not right for that.
I have finished all pages, now it is the cover, waiting until I get inspired again and can feel my hand.I am having a bit of trouble finding cover fabrics
will keep on searching
the book It was wonderful and took a lot of time but I am happy.
much love and aloha from the Islands

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh dear Lilla I'm so sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel in BOTH hands! Just awful for you in not being able to create never mind the pain of it all!
Jeff is soooo much better now - all getting back to normal thank heavens! Yes such a worry!! but hopefully we can now put it behind us!
Email me if I can help with any fabric for you??
Much love and really take care not to push your hands too soon otherwise you will go backward again.
Rest is the remedy!!!! LOL!
x Suzy

Anonymous said...

Please, where to buy yours bags. I want one!


Justlilla said...

I sell my bags in my Etsy shop
Attic Treasures
see link on left of home page