Sunday, October 1, 2017

something to have a chuckle about

At my water Zumba class we were challenged to wear or make a shower cap
I could not get out to buy one so in haste I put this together just before class
Sewed a circle with hat elastic.
added and extra ruffle and stitched it on
Made the crazy flower and stitched it on, 2 bells added for center,   so I jingled as I danced.
Friend gave me the piece of fabric.
Getting wet did not hurt it at all.

want to make the flower?
coming next!
shower cap fancy


Createology said...

Super fun and creative for water Zumba. You always have the best ideas Miss Lilla. <3

suziqu's thread works said...

Now I think we need to see you wearing it in the water.
I'm more of a Zumba dancer above water LOL!
xx Suzy