Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A project in a hurry

I had to mail a few things and completely ran out of supplies

So I made envelopes for packages, from brown paper and string
Love the earthy look of simple old stand-byes
Here are some pictures of my sewn version.
Take a big piece of brown paper and fold in a half inch on all sides
Fold in half  to make the bag or envelope size you want
You need some Washi tape and another piece of brown paper for the
address label, and some string
 Sew the Washi tape to top of the label or glue it in place.
Place a long piece of string under the label before sewing onto the front of the project
String should wrap around envelope and tie at bottom of label after items are put inside.
Sew two sides of the envelope, fold can be at a side or bottom.
Leave other side open for adding items

Tie the string around the envelope and sew the whole thing closed to secure items inside.
I hope you find this fun and useful
Of course it can be decorated and modified to your taste

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Createology said...

Hello Miss Lilla. I am enjoying your creative hand crafted envelopes. I have made paper and fabric cards and envelopes for years and they make every gift all the more special. Creative Bliss 2018...<3