Thursday, October 17, 2019

i did find some French lace

not so easy to find and very expensive
but I wanted to at least bring some home from the village markets
If you have not been lately, many have closed now and the rest are middle eastern
I did read in a paper that the are trying to bring back the old style Marche'

I went to some well known 'Vide Grenier' and was awfully disappointed, lots of food and cheap jewelry, such a loss!
My lace was bought in little shops in a Hilltop village and in an antique dealers place.
so here are my purchases, bird exempt


Rhonda said...

ooh, la la, Lilla. I didn't know you went back to France. I need to catch up. Between working in an office part time and travels, I miss so much. xxxxooo

Lilla said...

Bonjour mon ami
yes back from 3 weeks of work and fun.
Still recovering, caught a cold on the long flight home
I will share some things with you if you would like anything specific.
I really have to keep freeing up space.
We did not use much lace in the Chateau classes, mostly paper and linen cloth.
Anna wants to keep her French aesthete, simple and with less is more.
She is great at staying within that look
Not like me, all over the place
au revoir Lilla

justanitzybitcrazy said...

Lovely treasures from your recent journey to France...I am definitely having lace envy, lol. So looking forward to your creations with your new found goodies. Unfortunate that you caught a cold. This also happened to me on my recent flight to eastern Canada ... have a lovely day Lilla.

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Lilla
I love your beautiful French laces you purchased when in France! Gorgeous!
I hope you really enjoyed the classes you attended with Anna!
Sending love,
Suzy xxx